Hip Hop & the Docu

July 24, 2006

Keeping with the hip hop theme of the day we ask for something from our visitors. We are on the lookout for hip hop artists and spoken word artists for the documentary. We’d love to have your submissions to really make the film come alive. If you have something or know someone who you may think is interested have them contact 213complex@gmail.com and we’ll get them the proper paper work and such.

Thank You.


Hip Hop

July 24, 2006

For the Hip Hop heads out there or for those that think they are, here’s a bit of Nikki Giovanni’s take on the art form:

“I have such an admiration for the rappers. One, i like what they’re doing, but two, they’re such good business people. They have been able to do what my generation couldn’t do, they were able to hire each other. . . poets just don’t make that kind of money that you actually have the business. you have a business but it’s a very different level. You don’t have that money. Its been a pleasure to watch Puffy and them and Russell take poetry And taking it to Broadway. It’s the sound of young America, so to some degree i mothered in the rap revolution and I’m really proud of what they’ve done with it. We opened the door, people like me, I opened the door. it was a door everybody could come through, and I’m very proud of that.”

Check out the video clip for a bit of what Nikki Giovanni thinks about the late Tupac Shakur.

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