Opinions on Nikki

July 10, 2006

There are many different views on Nikki Giovanni, the poet, activist, and person. We want to know yours.

Do you like Nikki Giovanni? If so, why? If not, why not?


3 Responses to “Opinions on Nikki”

  1. Roslyn Says:

    Nikki Giovanni is one of the main reasons that I am a poet. I recently seen here when she came to Baltimore a few weeks ago and she was the same fiesty sister that I seen 20 years ago. Her words carves new bloodstreams whenever I hear her speak clarity to topics that clouds us (the normal folks). She is my poetic SHERO.

  2. John Victor Hanna Says:

    I loved her closing remarks at the memorial today April 17, 2007 for the students who lost their lives. A wonderful speaker that gave me chills as she got everyone in the auditorium wild with school pride and for a brief moment allowed us to forget what happened.

  3. Affirmative Blaktion Says:

    ALI G’S ENTIRE INTERVIEW WITH NIKKI G (this interview, like both Nikki G, wannabe poet, and Tupac, rap star, small-time criminal, and wannabe gansta, is a big pretense, although this particular pretense poses no danger)

    ALI G -Booyakasha, chek i’ out. I is here wif my main man, Nikki G, my bro from Staines. How is you become poet? NIKKI G- We’re communicators, it’s in our blood. ALI G: Blood, West Side. Now sis, you, I mean, sorry you is my bro now, you is get some edumacation. You went to America, right? NIKKI G: I went to Fisk. ALI G: Tell me about how you is expelled for crack… NIKKI G: It wasn’t for smoking crack. I started at Fisk in 1960, was soon expelled, and later returned and graduated in 1968. I did enroll and quickly drop out of two graduate schools after that but I did complete that one degree, my bachelor’s degree. ALI G: Wha’eve. You is still my main man. Now you has Tupac Shukar tattoo, right? Can I see that? NIKKI G: Yes, I have said I would rather be with the street thugs than with the ones who complain about them. ALI G: Now is you believe Tupac’s criminal record make him a better rap artist? NIKKI G: Well, I don’t know about that, but… ALI G: I like that poem you wrote about nigger can you kill, can you stab a jew, can you draw blood, can you kill a honkie. Ain’t that a rap! NIKKI G: You’re talking about my poem “The True Import Of Present Dialogue, Black vs. Negro.” I wrote that a long time ago. ALI G: But can’t you make a rap out of that? You is get the whole crowd to stand up at Virginia Tech with that one. NIKKI G: No, that was my new poem We Are Virginia Tech. ALI G: Wha’eve. That was my one an’ only main man, Nikki G, my big bro and big time poet, big shout out for Nikki G from VT.

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