First experience with Nikki G.

June 26, 2006

Taking a cue from Fran my first recognition was at an early age, albeit there was a necessary reintroduction at this point in my life. It had to be about when I was 10 when my mother gave me a copy of Ego Tripping. At that point, as young boys do, I said thank you, looked over it, and set it to the side.

Moving to the present, I was given the opportunity to work with Fran and upon hearing the project I would work on I gave the “Damn i know the name and can’t place why” face. From there i was promptly reintroduced by Fran via Nikki’s opinion on our current President.

Comment with your first experience with Nikki G.


3 Responses to “First experience with Nikki G.”

  1. Michele Smith Says:

    My sister won a copy of “Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day” at her school as a first place prize for a speech contest. I’ve always loved words and reading, but from the first time I picked the book up, I felt an excitement I’d never felt before.That book made me feel as though someone had glanced inside my mind and read my thoughts(I was only in the ninth grade at the time).My college major was journalism, but I started noticing that my interest, my passion, was addressing social issues. I am currently a mental health counselor in a maximum security prison for women. I know beyond a doubt that my life was altered because of Nikki Giovanni and the passion her writings created in me. One of the most challenging inmates on my casload is actually named after Nikki Giovanni. I had a good laugh when I discovered this because it solidified my belief that all things are as they should be.

  2. Roslyn Says:

    My older sister brought her albums and I played them because I was in my early stages of creative writing. Nikki’s albums meant alot to me because I have never heard anyone recite poetry to music and it was an inspiration to me. When I first had the opportunity ti see her at Morgan State University it was breath taken to see her books come alive on stage. I was and I am still in awe of her talent, her keen wisdom and her inspiration to all people.

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